Journal Overview

The Journal of Fisheries and Coastal Management (JFCoM) is a regional interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary platform that provides critical information needs of academics, practitioners and policy makers in sub-Saharan Africa on issues relating to fisheries and coastal environment. The journal fills the void in the current literature on African fisheries science, coastal management strategies and policy issues. It is a peer reviewed open access journal  with four (4) print issues per year. However, all accepted manuscripts will immediately appear online prior to publication in the next print issue.


Aims and Scope

JFCoM is a regional journal that specifically addresses scientific research and information needs in the fisheries and coastal environmental sector of Africa. The Journal publishes papers on applied or scientific research relevant to fisheries and aquaculture (freshwater, brackish water and marine aquaculture), physical and social aspects of the coastal environment. Papers from non-traditional transdisciplinary scientific areas such as sustainability science, climate change, social-ecological systems, ethnographical studies, conservation and restoration research related to fisheries and the coastal environment are also welcome.

To meet the information needs of the broader stakeholder groups, the journal also publishes reviews and short communications on current developments in the sector.